Toddler checkups are a nightmare.

My parents, my boyfriend, and I all loaded up the boys in the van and went to the hospital for Adrian’s (my 3-year-old) and Liam’s (my 1 1/2-year-old) checkup. They both had to get shots. My boyfriend stayed in the waiting room with Kingsley while my parents and I squeezed in the small room with the boys. While the doctor was trying to check the boys’ vitals they freaked. They screamed and flailed their limbs while twisting and crying. You’d think they were being tortured. My parents had to help me pin the boys down so they could prick Adrian’s finger and give them both shots. They calmed right down after we picked them up and left the room, but we had to listen to the screams of other children while walking down the hall to the exit. Stressed. Kingsley has shots next month. I’m dreading it. He did really well last time though.


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