Feeling grateful 😇

As I sit here during my first pumping sesh of the work day, I feel extremely blessed to be able to feed my precious baby with my body. It’s truly a beautiful thing. I love knowing that my baby is getting something made special for him and he’s getting the healthiest option. Some people aren’t able to breastfeed, so I feel extremely grateful that I am. 


Whatever works…

Kingsley let me make breakfast, but not eat it. 

 There it is.. Just sitting there getting cold. 

I guess you do what you gotta do in these situations. 

Baby backpack.

After some ambient music, some rocking back and forth, and a binky we had success.

Now can I sit without waking him up?


Now to finish my cold breakfast!

We’ll see how long I get. Gotta pump soon.

On a Saturday around lunch time;

As I am holding my sleeping 4 month old while bouncing up and down on the edge of the bed, I contemplate whether or not to lay him down yet. If he is not in a deep enough sleep yet, he will start screaming again. I have the next 2 days off so I am trying to get the apartment cleaned up. Not an easy thing to do with a gassy, teething baby.