Ready for bed.

I went on my 13th run tonight! It was so peaceful out and it went so smoothly. I think I’m finally getting into the groove of it. I just finished my delicious protein shake and now I’m heading to bed. I have to work in the morning! I finished my 2 day cleanse today as well, so I will be weighing myself in the morning. Getting healthy and fit! I love it!!

Down 5 pounds!

So I started running just over a week ago and I'm already down 5 pounds. (They say the first 5 is the easiest to lose) I've been basing my running time off this picture I got off of Pinterest. It eases you into running so you're not like DYING when you start. I enjoy it so far!

I'm now on week 2! I also went grocery shopping today for healthy options for meals and snacks. I'm so excited! My youngest will be 1-year-old this month, so I need to get back into shape already! I've been drinking protein shakes after each run. I just feel so good! I've also been taking a lot of It Works! products the past few months. (I'm a distributor now) We are about to start homeschooling my oldest for preschool next month. Exciting things!! I know I say this like every post, but I'm really going to start posting more! I really want to bring you guys with me on my crazy journey called my life. Hope ya'll are having a fabulous weekend!

End of another week.

I feel like for the first time in a while, I have my head on straight. I am motivated. I just signed up with 2 great companies. Monat and Senegence. Monat is hair care products and Senegence is skin care. I will be signing up with another company on Monday. It works! These companies as well as me getting into photography, I hope will get me a steady income. The full time job I have now is just not getting me anywhere. I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck. My son, Liam, is getting his photos taken tomorrow for turning 2. He has a hair cut appointment at the mall before hand, as well as his older brother. Hoping for a good day! I’m hoping to get a new TV and cell phone on Sunday. Gotta love tax season! 


My middle son turns 2 years old. We’re all battling sickness right now so I feel terrible that we’re going to be sick for his birthday. I think I’m going to give him a gift next Saturday for his photo shoot I have scheduled so that he can celebrate on a day where he’ll hopefully not be sick! My “boyfriend” is kissing my butt right now because I found a pack of cigarettes in MY car that he is using. We have been through this too many times in our relationship. He lies and says he quit. I told him the last handful of times that I was done if he started again because I do NOT want to be with someone who smokes. He knew that when he started again. I told him I’m done and he’s going to show me he’s done for good apparently. We’ll see. I already told his family that we broke up. I haven’t told my family though. I don’t want my mom to worry. Another reason I told him I’m done is because of his anger. He cannot control it. He will tell and cuss at me and slam doors in front of our son. That is not okay. Apparently he’s going to get that taken care of too. Today he works a double, so Kingsley and I have just been hanging out. I’ve been trying to get cleaning done. It’s never ending!